Pomme de Terre

Mongo loves apples.  Mongo hunts for fallen apples from the Fourth of July through the first days of winter.  But not only does he like red and yellow apples, which the French call pommes.  He is also very fond of what the French call the “pomme de terre”, i.e. the potato.

Today, Dad came home to find Mongo looking rather guilty.

“Ok buddy, what badness did you do today?”  Dad looked around the kitchen and something on the other side of the table caught his eye.

He looked closer and saw the remains of the 5 lb bag of red potatoes that Drewbie had brought home the day before.  There were only a couple of taters left in the bag.  Dad decided to wait for Drewbie to wake up for work, and then let him see the result of leaving food on the counter instead of  putting food up on the top of the fridge.

Drewbie woke up and Dad pointed out the bag on the floor.  “Buddy”, lamented Drew.  “You ate all of them?”

“No, he left a few”, said Dad.

All that is left of 5 lb or 2 Kg of Potatoes

All that is left of 5 lb or 2 Kg of Potatoes

Drewbie picked up the bag and the few remaining potatoes.  “Yeah, but these all have teeth marks in them.  He must have been working on them when you caught him.”

The next day, Dad took Mongo to the park.  As Dad stooped to scoop some poop, he paused and looked over at Mongo and said, “Yellow and red.  Very colorful work, Bud.  Somehow I’m not surprised.”

What did surprise Dad was when he noticed that Spork had also pooped out red and yellow tater remains. “Really Sporky”, asked Dad.  “When did you stoop to eating vegetable?  I’ve seen you turn up your nose at anything not made of meat or cheese.”

Spork stared at him uncomprehendingly with her bulgy eyes.

“It’s OK.  I guess you just got carried away in the moment.  And besides, everything tastes better when there’s a little danger involved in the preparation, eh Spork?”

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4 responses to “Pomme de Terre”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    OMG.. Potatoes Mongo?!? Is anything sacred? 😋

    • hdemare says :

      This is the dog who has had a rock and Santa hat removed form his digestive track. And has eaten a mummified fruit bat. In fact, the only thing I have ever offered him that he turned up his nose at is celery. In Mongo’s world, celery is not food.

  2. easyweimaraner says :

    I’m with you potatoes are great :o) and you can make potato-confetti to decorate the house…. think that’s what the humans call has-browns :O)

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