Walking on Alki, Pt. 3

In Seattle, the fall season, when the days are shorter, but the winter rains have not yet descended on the city, it can be a wonderful time to go for a walk.  There are plenty of beautiful sunsets, and scenic vistas to enjoy.

It was with these thoughts in mind that Dad and Mongo returned to Alki Beach.  Dad knew the good weather would not be around much longer, and with several business trips in the offing, neither would he.  So he had a special surprise treat planned for Mongo on this trip.

In preparation for the surprise, Dad parked at the beach instead of at his usual spot, down by the water taxi terminal.  The he and Mongo hopped out of the truck, and started their stroll along the seawall towards the pier.

It was a slightly cloudy day, but that kept the air cool, and Dad and Mongo could make good time.  And now that the source of Mongo’s mysterious malady had been identified, Dad didn’t need to worry about him having heat stroke.

The scenes along the sound were iconic.  There were people moving along the Sound by every conceivable means of transportation.

As Mongo and Dad made their way back towards the truck, and Alki Beach, they enjoyed the scenery as the sun sank lower in the sky.

As they neared the truck, Mongo was sure they were going home, and he headed to the tailgate. but then Dad sprung the big surprise!  Mongo and Dad were going to Mongo’s dream place, the Blue Moon Burger house.  It was a big treat for Mongo before Dad’s big trips.

Mongo finally got to visit the place that had drawn his attention so strongly in the past.  Dad felt it would be a special treat for Mongo to FINALLY get his burger, after all his efforts to tell Dad that there were really good burgers over there.  It only took two instances of Mongo all but lifting his paw in a classic point for Dad to get the message.  Sometimes, Dad is so clueless that if Mongo were trying to tell him that “Drewbie is down the well!”, Dad might end up taking Mongo to the vet, because he was acting strangely, while wondering, “Where the heck is that boy”.

On Point

On Point

They walked over to the Blue Moon and Dad hooked Mongo’s leash to the fence, so he could go in and order.  Mongo was now very excited.  But Mongo did not see the big picture at this point.  There was a bigger surprise yet to come.

Then Dad came back out of the world’s most wonderful place, and clearly had not gotten Mongo’s the message straight.  He came back with no food!  Mongo flopped on the ground in a look of pure dejection.

But eventually, the server came by and dropped off Dad’s order at the table.  Now Mongo was quivering with anticipation.  He was clearly hoping for some scraps from Dad’s place, but it was not to be.

Instead Mongo got his own burger!  JOY!


Mongo and Dad enjoyed their leisurely dinners.  Well, Dad enjoyed his dinner, and Mongo sort of enjoyed his for as short a time as it took him to inhale the pieces.  Even though Dad broke it up into small bits so it wouldn’t go down whole, the burger only lasted about 30 seconds.

Several diners, big and little, and young and old, came over to see Mongo.  He was happy for them to say “Hi”, and pet his giant plushy head.  But his focus never left Dad’s dinner, which was on the table.

By now, the sun had set, and it was getting late.  Dad declined dessert, as he had eaten enough.  Mongo would have been happy to wolf down anything the establishment had to offer, but Dad was driving, and he insisted it was time to go.  The lights of Seattle shined on the Sound in a beautiful tribute to a most excellent day.

Editor’s note: This is the closing chapter of Mongo’s Mystery of Alki Beach.  The other chapters can be found at these links, Walking on Alki, Pt 1, Walking on Alki, Pt 2.  This post is dedicated to Val at https://wedgwoodinseattlehistory.com/, for insisting that there needed to be a third part to close out this saga.  And Mongo would like to express his sincere thanks to Val for ensuring he got his burger.

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6 responses to “Walking on Alki, Pt. 3”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    I’ll have to go back to the other parts… guess I was one of ‘those people’ who skipped to the back of the book 😉
    I’m so glad Mongo got his burger! I’m sure he appreciated it for the 5 second it took to eat! Haha!
    I so want the ‘colorful house’!! I see they obviously held out to the corporate builders that took over either side of them. Good on them!

    • hdemare says :

      Mongo just loved his burger for the few moments it was on his plate. Then he would have loved mine.

      As for the colorful house, all the sleepy little houses on that road are being demolished for high-rises at an astonishing rate.

  2. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says :

    Woo hoo for finally getting the burger! Lucky Mongo!

  3. Wedgwood in Seattle History says :

    Thank you so much! I think you have started a seasonal tradition. May you mark the passage of summer into fall at Blue Moon!

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