More Wicked Weather in Seattle

A vicious storm rolled through Mongo’s home town again this past weekend leaving one fatality.  One person was killed when their car was struck by a falling tree.  On Sunday (3/13) ,the National Weather Service tweeted, “Storm looks like a hurricane! The central pressure is deeper than expected, 978 mb.”  The tweet included a picture of the swirling storm offshore from Olympic National Park.  Back in West Seattle, 70 MPH + gusts were toppling trees all over town.

Mongo refused to go outside alone.  Dad stood at the back door with him and the watched the tall firs on the side of the house swaying dangerously in his direction.  As they stood there transfixed at the back door, they hear a loud thump in the front of the house.  Surprised by the sound, Mongo let loose one of his low rumble barks.  Dad and Mongo walked out to the front yard and saw a large limb had bounced off their roof.  There didn’t seem to be any damage, but they didn’t spend much time outside looking at it.  A branch like that could cause some serous damage if it caught the boys outside.

West Seattle

West Seattle

They went back inside where it was safe (relatively) and warm.  Mongo curled up by the fireplace.

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5 responses to “More Wicked Weather in Seattle”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    wow… I thought spring is on the way with sunshine and bees and flowers… I’m with you, they have to be on our side when we have stormy weather outside… we all have to get wet, right? be careful with that branches they sometimes come out of the blue… or out of the grey :o)

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    I think there are goods and bads to any area. I would love your lighter winters, but not these storms. I love the summers here, but the winters. .. UGH!

    • hdemare says :

      Actually, coming from Oklahoma, where we had a tornado in our back yard, a little bit of weather related excitement is welcome.

      • Midwestern Plant Girl says :

        I hear ya there. We really only get to enjoy snow and wind here. Both not enough to cause huge havoc, but better than nothing!

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