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Kitsap Color Classic

On the morning of the ride, Dad drove up to Edmonds, WA to the Cascade Bicycle Club Registration Point.  After failing the impromptu test regarding his bib number, he was still able to remember his name, and the registration people gave him his t-shirt and bib.  At least now, if anyone asked his bib number, he could turn around and they could read it off his back.  Then, with a slight squeal of the brakes, Dad was rocketing down the hill towards the ferry dock.

Edmonds Ferry Dock

Edmonds Ferry Dock

When he arrived Dad remembered that he had not picked up a map for the ride.  Since Dad does not have a GPS for the bike, maps are often key to successfully following the route.  He considered the risk of riding without a map and decided he could follow the other cyclists.  There were bound to be dozens of them along every stretch of the route.  What could possibly go wrong? Read More…

Find Mongo Challenge – Snoquera Falls Edition

Inspired by the tireless efforts of Sarah & Choppy and their Find Choppy Challenges < https://travelswithchoppy.com/ >, Mongo & Dad present the first Find Mongo Challenge.  See if you can find Mongo in the picture below.

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Walking on Alki, Part 2.

A week after their last trip to Alki Point, Dad had another errand to run on the North End of the peninsula.  Mongo looked bored, so Dad plopped him into the back of the pick-up and off they went.  After dropping off some things at the depot, Dad  thought it might be nice to stroll on the Alki trail again.   Read More…

Wayward Coffeehouse

Wayward Coffeehouse (not Wayward Café!)

Dad and Kim were bike shopping for Kim.  She was at Ride Bikes on Roosevelt, and with the assistance of their helpful sales staff, Kim found the Surly bike she was looking for.

Afterwards, Dad and Kim went out looking for a cup of coffee.  Kim mentioned that she had seen a place on the corner.  They wandered over that direction.  There are so many coffeehouses in Seattle, that any one needs to be at least a little special to stand out among the crowd. Read More…

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green) is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.  However, when Emerald City Comicon rolls around in Seattle, we get visits from all the superheros, including the real Squirrel Girl.  This Squirrel Girl was just lucky that Mongo and his sidekick Spork were not downtown on this day.

First Crossing

This month (April 2016) marks the grand opening of the of the Longest Floating Bridge in the World.  The 520 bridge which spans Lake Washington east of Seattle celebrated its grand opening the weekend of April 2nd with two major events, the Bridge Run, and the inaugural Emerald City Bike Ride (ECBR).  The ECBR was sponsored by the Cascade Bicycle Club.  Dad was lucky enough to get a spot in the ECBR, and the morning of April 3rd found him loading up his bike into the back of the truck, while explaining to Mongo why Dad was flying solo that day. Read More…


What is there to do in downtowm Seattle in the eveinings?  Well, there is dining, sports, music, theatre, dance, and of course, cinema.  In fact, there are several cinemas downtown, but only one capable of showing the original 3-panel Cinerama spectaculars; Seattle’s own Cinerama.

The history of the theatre is highlighted in the gallery below¹.

What sets Cinerama apart from the other cinemas that offer decent concessions, wine & beer, assigned seating, and first-class seats?  This…

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