Wayward Coffeehouse

Wayward Coffeehouse (not Wayward Café!)

Dad and Kim were bike shopping for Kim.  She was at Ride Bikes on Roosevelt, and with the assistance of their helpful sales staff, Kim found the Surly bike she was looking for.

Afterwards, Dad and Kim went out looking for a cup of coffee.  Kim mentioned that she had seen a place on the corner.  They wandered over that direction.  There are so many coffeehouses in Seattle, that any one needs to be at least a little special to stand out among the crowd.

As they opened the door, they were greeted by an unique nerd-friendly décor.  It was not over the top, but it did feature some starship models hanging off the ceiling, and some Firefly posters on the walls.  Dad smiled.  They had found a sister place

Dad looked at the drink list.  He turned back to the barista. “I’ll have a grande Tardis”.

Kim ordered a tall cafe americano.

“What?  No Mudder’s Mocha, or something whimsical?”

“No, I’m OK.”

Kim and Dad picked up their drinks.  Then they wandered around the coffee shop looking at the superhero lunchboxes, the Star Trek models, and the Firefly posters.

“Here, try some grande Tardis ”, Dad offered; holding out his cup.  Kim tasted the drink.

She laughed.  “It taskes like a bite of bluebeffy muffin and a swig of coffee”, she exclaimed.

“Yup”, smiled Dad, and he wandered over to the Firefly travel posters to see which planet he should visit first.


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2 responses to “Wayward Coffeehouse”

  1. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says :

    Sounds like a most excellent sort of coffee shop!

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