Today’s Science Experiment

Dad is all about efficiency.  He measures the time it takes on various routes around the city to make sure he is always on the fastest route.  And he often tries to multitask around the house to save time also.  This time, his multitasking led to a  new scientific breakthrough.

Today, while boiling his artichoke for dinner, Dad decided to boil an egg at the same time.  After all, since the water was already hot, why not put it to good use.  Everything went fine, but when Dad took the egg out, he noticed it had picked up the green from the artichoke water.  Dad looked at it for a moment, and decided this might be a good thing.

In the past, when Dad hardboiled eggs, he had labeled them “H”, for hard-boiled.  However, Drewbie did not pick up on this subtle messaging.  Thereby leading to the following conversation.

<Drewbie removes an egg from the carton while Dad is having coffee at the kitchen table.  Suddenly, a loud “thunk” is heard from the vicinity of the frying pan on the stove.>

“A Ha!  So that’s what the “H” means”, exclaimed Drewbie in a eureka-moment tone.

Dad looked up from his coffee.  “What ‘H’?”

Drew replied, “The one you put on the egg to show it was hard-boiled.”

Dad looked puzzled until Drew lifted the pan an showed Dad that he had tried to crack an “H” egg on the pan, and half of the squashed egg was in the pan, and half was sitting on the stove.  Drew turned off the burner, and scooped up the pieces of broken hard-boiled egg.  Dad nodded, and asked,”What did you think the “H” meant when you took it out of the carton?”

“I dunno…”

Dad shook his head.  Drew scooped the remains of the egg into Mongo’s bowl, and selected another one.

Now Dad had a solution to this problem.  He turned to Drew and asked, “Can you see this egg is green?”

Drew nodded.

“When you see this, it means the egg is hard-boiled, capisce?”

“Yup”, drew replied.

And as Dad put away the green egg he thought, “Another of life’s great quandaries has been solved!”

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5 responses to “Today’s Science Experiment”

  1. Wedgwood in Seattle History says :

    Um? How often do you boil an artichoke?

  2. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says :

    I’ve never heard of labeling eggs – I just tried to remember. My life has been forever altered (/improved) by this post!

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