Where in Cape Town is Heidi?

We are not exactly sure where Ms. Hetzer is at the moment.  That’s because she and Hudo were recent victims of a smash and grab, and the GPS was stolen.  How low to smash the window of a 87 year old car.


Smash and Grab on Two Senior Citizens

Hudo continues to have troubles with his drive train, and now so does Heidi.  Heidi had fluid drained from her knee, and seems to be doing much better.


Knee X-Rays

Hudo’s trouble move from one end to the other.  His wooden wheels are old, and one has come loose.  He has had problems with two oil pumps, a fractured brake line, and a cracked exhaust manifold.

At this rate, by the time Heidi leaves ZA, Hudo will be made up of more new parts, than not.

(Ed. Note: In his travels of the Cape this past weekend, Dad did not see Hudo on the road.)


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3 responses to “Where in Cape Town is Heidi?”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    Wow! I hope all goes well for both Heidi & Hudo.
    I just don’t understand criminal minds. So evil!!

  2. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says :

    Who does that sort of thing? Just sad.

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