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Key West – Day 2

Day Two

Dad was up early.  He walked to a coffee shop on Duvall St.  For a establishment that was almost empty, the two baristas were extremely busy.  The Mystery of the Missing Tourists continued. Read More…

Key West -Day 1

Dad spent most of February in Atlanta this year.  Mongo does not get to go to places like Atlanta with Dad.  In fact fewer and fewer airlines are even accepting big dogs for carriage.   So Dad goes on these trips solo.

At the beginning of the month, a snow storm was forecast for the weekend.  Dad saw no good reason to stay in Atlanta if it was going to snow, especially, since he could get to the Florida Keys very easily.  So he made the easy decision to take a quick hop to Key West.

On Friday, Dad jumped a flight heading south.  The flight into Key West was almost empty.  The lack of passengers on a Friday evening struck him as odd.  He know there had to be a reason.

The plane arrived in Key West just after sun down.  The few  passengers walked out in the open towards the terminal.

Read More…

Hello Argentina!!!

Heidi and Hudo have finally  made it to Argentina.  She has already been to Patagonia and is now driving back to B.A.

Heidi on Easter Island

With Hudo back in the shop, Heidi has a lot of time on her hands, so she is visiting Easter Island.  These photographs may put Easter Island on quite a few people’s bucket lists. Read More…

Back into Automotive Surgery

Despite an extensive work package during the last month, Hudo is back in automotive surgery again.  As Heidi’s Instagram tells it… Read More…

Onwards through Chile

Hudo has finally been reassembled, and is ready for a shake-down. Heidi writes that Hudo performed well on his first outing. She is happy to finally have brakes again. The rattling noise in the engine that persisted since Charlotte, USA is gone. All this is thanks Read More…

Wayward Coffeehouse

Wayward Coffeehouse (not Wayward Café!)

Dad and Kim were bike shopping for Kim.  She was at Ride Bikes on Roosevelt, and with the assistance of their helpful sales staff, Kim found the Surly bike she was looking for.

Afterwards, Dad and Kim went out looking for a cup of coffee.  Kim mentioned that she had seen a place on the corner.  They wandered over that direction.  There are so many coffeehouses in Seattle, that any one needs to be at least a little special to stand out among the crowd. Read More…