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The Accident

Here is a link to a post by Heidi’s daughter on Heidi’s industrial accident.  It reminds me of the time my grandfather tried to save some time by applying belt dressing to the fan belt on his Cadillac while the engine was running.  By the time he was all bandaged up, he did not save any time, but he did add another story to the family’s legacy.

Source: The Accident


While animal psychologists say that dog’s do not feel guilt the way humans do, Mongo still displays some very complex behavior in this realm.

Last night, Dad came home from work to be greeted by a very submissive Mongo crawling on his belly. Dad knew that something was up. On most nights, Mongo is simply the happiest guy in the world when Dad shows up at the end of the day. But every once in a not so great while, Mongo greets him with his “I been very very bad” behavior.

This behavior starts a bit of a mystery hunt for Dad. Almost always, clues around the house lead Dad to the site of Mongo’s misdeeds. Often a quick survey of the back yard will uncover the remains of cracker boxes or produce bags which clearly indicate what has been snatched from the table.

However, sometimes he eats all the evidence of his transgressions, and the source of his rueful behavior remains a mystery forever. Or at least it remains unknown until the next morning when Dad has to scoop up Mongo’s poop and the evidence of his iniquities is plainly laid out in the park.

This time, Dad did not have to look far for the evidence of Mongo’s naughtiness. In the middle of the living room floor was a box Dad was packing. In it were a pair of Cohiba’s in aluminum tubes that Dad was saving for gift. Both tubes were out of the banker’s box and on the floor, with bite marks in them.

“Did you do this?” Mongo slunk away to his cookie box. The mystery was solved.

Treat Ball and Cone of Shame

When faced with a challenge, Mongo is not one to shy away.  Now that he has to wear the cone of shame, he has to find a way to play with his treat ball.  He got his treat ball from the nice people at Pioneer Pet and Feed in Seattle.  He loves his treat ball so no mere cone of shame was going to slow Mongo down.  Click here <VIDEO>  to see his video.

Treat Ball & Cone of Shame

Treat Ball & Cone of Shame

Just Because You Can Eat Something…Doesn’t Mean You Should – July 6, 2014

The plans had all been set in place, and it was time to execute them.  Dad was going to Glacier School with Summit Climb, and Mongo was going to the kennel where after he was supposed to relax for a week while waiting for Dad to come off the mountain, he would have a spa day and be washed.  He need a good wash, since his head was starting  to look grayish, and his fur was becoming pretty greasy.

But before Dad could load his bags for  Mt. Rainier, Mongo started having intestinal distress.  Normally, when Mongo’s highly efficacious digestive system backs up, it means there is something very, very wrong inside.  He typically passes paper towels, rubber gloves, and aluminum foil with a minimum amount of discomfort.  So when he suffered  explosive diarrhea at the park, it was a very bad sign.

Dad dropped Mongo off at the emergency vet.   A quick x-ray showed a large object in his intestine.  It looked a lot like a rock.  The doc said if it  didn’t move, Mongo would need surgery.

The next day’s pictures showed almost no movement.  Mongo was hooked up to I.V.’s to keep him hydrated.  And he was scheduled for surgery in the morning.

Sure enough, it was a rock.  Maybe it had some sauce on it or something.

No matter the reason he ate it, it was out.  Dad continued on to the mountain to learn about glacier travel while Mongo recuperated

Dad summitted Mt. Rainier again.  Mongo set a new benchmark for eating  inedible objects.  And Mongo still needed a wash.

The cone of shame

The cone of shame