While animal psychologists say that dog’s do not feel guilt the way humans do, Mongo still displays some very complex behavior in this realm.

Last night, Dad came home from work to be greeted by a very submissive Mongo crawling on his belly. Dad knew that something was up. On most nights, Mongo is simply the happiest guy in the world when Dad shows up at the end of the day. But every once in a not so great while, Mongo greets him with his “I been very very bad” behavior.

This behavior starts a bit of a mystery hunt for Dad. Almost always, clues around the house lead Dad to the site of Mongo’s misdeeds. Often a quick survey of the back yard will uncover the remains of cracker boxes or produce bags which clearly indicate what has been snatched from the table.

However, sometimes he eats all the evidence of his transgressions, and the source of his rueful behavior remains a mystery forever. Or at least it remains unknown until the next morning when Dad has to scoop up Mongo’s poop and the evidence of his iniquities is plainly laid out in the park.

This time, Dad did not have to look far for the evidence of Mongo’s naughtiness. In the middle of the living room floor was a box Dad was packing. In it were a pair of Cohiba’s in aluminum tubes that Dad was saving for gift. Both tubes were out of the banker’s box and on the floor, with bite marks in them.

“Did you do this?” Mongo slunk away to his cookie box. The mystery was solved.

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