Just Because You Can Eat Something…Doesn’t Mean You Should – July 6, 2014

The plans had all been set in place, and it was time to execute them.  Dad was going to Glacier School with Summit Climb, and Mongo was going to the kennel where after he was supposed to relax for a week while waiting for Dad to come off the mountain, he would have a spa day and be washed.  He need a good wash, since his head was starting  to look grayish, and his fur was becoming pretty greasy.

But before Dad could load his bags for  Mt. Rainier, Mongo started having intestinal distress.  Normally, when Mongo’s highly efficacious digestive system backs up, it means there is something very, very wrong inside.  He typically passes paper towels, rubber gloves, and aluminum foil with a minimum amount of discomfort.  So when he suffered  explosive diarrhea at the park, it was a very bad sign.

Dad dropped Mongo off at the emergency vet.   A quick x-ray showed a large object in his intestine.  It looked a lot like a rock.  The doc said if it  didn’t move, Mongo would need surgery.

The next day’s pictures showed almost no movement.  Mongo was hooked up to I.V.’s to keep him hydrated.  And he was scheduled for surgery in the morning.

Sure enough, it was a rock.  Maybe it had some sauce on it or something.

No matter the reason he ate it, it was out.  Dad continued on to the mountain to learn about glacier travel while Mongo recuperated

Dad summitted Mt. Rainier again.  Mongo set a new benchmark for eating  inedible objects.  And Mongo still needed a wash.

The cone of shame

The cone of shame

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One response to “Just Because You Can Eat Something…Doesn’t Mean You Should – July 6, 2014”

  1. Tricia says :

    Mongo says mom was a good nurse. Dad left a sick mongo with mom on Saturday and mom brought mongo in to the ER late Sunday night

    Mom made sure his rock came out ok and got him patched up and then took care of him all week with home made meals and medications while dad was mountain climbing

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