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Who’s Been Sitting in the Dishwasher?

“Drewbie!”  Dad’s voice echoed through the house.  “Drewbie!”

The response floated up the stairs to the kitchen in an exasperated tone.  “What?”

Dad called back down the stairs, “The dishwasher door is broken.  It looks like someone sat on it.”

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Twice the News!

Mongo is a very clever boy.  Just look at the number of ways he finds to counter-surf, or the number of non-foodstuffs he consumes in an effort to “eat more”.  Eating is an obsession with Mongo.  Kimi says his family motto should be “Omnia Nomnia  Bene Est”, or “It’s all good!”.

But Mongo does not limit himself to raiding the counters and eating non-foodstuffs which might smell slightly food-like.  He also uses a certain logic to acquire more treats.

He knows Dad loves the morning paper.  In fact, Dad is so enamoured of these newspapers that Dad trades Mongo a dog biscuit every time Mongo brings Dad one.  It really makes Mongo question Dad’s value system. (Click HERE to see video of Mongo fetching paper.)

Some times Dad is distracted and forgets to put away the paper, and Mongo can re-deliver the same paper twice.  Dad always falls for this trick and gives Mongo another biscuit for the same paper!  Clearly in Mongo’s mind, Dad is not the brightest bulb in the shed.

Today, after morning walk, breakfast, paper-fetching, and morning apple, Dad went into the bedroom for a couple of minutes to put on work clothes.  As Dad was putting on a nice shirt, he never dreamed that he would re-emerge right into the middle of a Mongo Mystery.

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Pommes Sauvages – Redoux

Mongo had finished all the apples again.  Dad and he were finishing a walk back from the school, when Dad led him over to the apple tree again.  Mongo just stared at Dad reluctantly as Dad leapt over the bar ditch once again.

“It’s OK buddy.  It’s pitch black and rainy.  There won’t be any yellow jackets around tonight.”  Hubris hung heavy in the air.

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Pommes Sauvages – Continued

Mongo learns quickly, maybe quicker than Dad.  They was almost out of apples at the house.  As Dad, Spork, and Mongo exited the school yard, they crossed the road to the wild apple tree.  Dad dropped the leashes and leapt over the bar ditch to the base of the tree.  He turned around to look behind him.

Mongo stood on the other side of the road, giving Dad a dubious look that said, “No way, Jose!”

“Not taking any chances with yellow jackets, eh buddy?” Dad began to gather apples.  Read More…

Pommes Sauvages

Mongo loves apples.  When he and Dad go on walks, Mongo will scoop the ground apples up from under the neighborhood trees and bring them home for snacks.  Dad will typically grab a couple of apples off the overhanging branches as they walk by, and put them away for Mongo treats.

Today, Dad and Mongo learned the downside of feral apple gathering.  Mongo and Dad stopped under a tree to pick up some treats, but they were not the only ones to have that idea.

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Mongo Tries to Make Cornbread

Mongo got into the pantry again.  Someone left the gate to the stairs open, and Mongo went down to the pantry, and maybe he even opened the folding doors to the pantry.  This time he picked out corn meal.  After eating most of the corn meal, Mom-mon came home and found him.  Mom-mom was so mad, she drew up this sign.  Dad wondered what color this poop would be.



Mongo goes to Car Wash

Pretty Colors

The Car Wash – Pretty Colors