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Dad’s Kale Salad Recipe or… Never Try Two New Recipes the Same Night.

Cooking with Dad and Mongo

One Package arugula & spinach
One bunch o’ Lacinato kale (Also called “black” or”dino” kale)
Two lemons
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
One Package of pine nuts

Place kale on counter.
Pour 3 oz of gin, 1 oz vodka, 1/2 oz of Kina Lillet into shaker.
Shake over ice until ice cold, pour into glass.
Add a twist of lemon.
Drink the newly made Vesper Martini.
Wait for Mongo to steal kale from counter and debone it.  (He loves kale bones, but hates the leaves.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.)
Wake up.
Scoop shredded leaves up off floor.  (Sweep floor first if less crunchy kale is desired.)
Juice the lemons.  Add a bit of salt and pepper.
Add twice as much oil as lemon juice.
Add two tblsp honey.
Add 1/2 cup of Kraft Parmesan
Take two aspirins for martini hangover.
Shake again, but with more vigor now that head hurts less.
When mixture is in focus, and homogeneous, dressing is ready.
Mix kale shreds with arugula & spinach
Sprinkle with pine nuts
Add dressing to taste.
Serves 8


omnivore: noun; an animal or person that eats a variety of food of both plant and animal origin.  See Mongo.

Dad decided to make  Cooking with a Wallflower’s recipe for roasted Summer Vegetable Spring Roll Bowls http://cookingwithawallflower.com/2016/08/15/roasted-summer-vegetable-spring-roll-bowls-with-tamarind-sesame-vinaigrette/

It seemed fairly simple.  Dad decided to add some kale to the greens.  It was delicious.

However, in the days before Mongo, there would have been a lot of vegetable scraps to put in the compost.  But Mongo loves vegetables.  So not much goes into the compost hopper as long as it is dog-safe.  So what kinds of things does Mongo eat? Read More…

More Bagels for Mongo

Early in the morning, Dad had purchased two bagels.  Dad had eaten his, but he left Drewbie’s bagel on the kitchen table, waiting for him to wake up.  Will Dad ever learn about leaving bagels out?

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Glowing White?

It was mid-winter.  The time of year in the Pacific Northwest when the days are very short.  It was dark when Dad took Mongo out for morning walks, and dark when he took him out for evening walks.

On one of these short dark days, Mongo found the door to the pantry slightly ajar.  For Mongo, this is always an open invitation for noshing.  The first thing to catch his interest that day was a five pound bag of rice.

Eating five pounds of rice actually takes longer than one might think.  It is a lot of rice, even for Mongo.  It turned out to be a whole day affair.

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Sailor Boy – Pilot Bread

This modern day version of hardtack, albeit with some leavening and shortening, is produced today by Interbake Foods of Richmond, Virginia.    Alaskan law requires all light aircraft to carry “survival gear”, including food. So, the blue-and-white Sailor Boy Pilot Bread boxes are ubiquitous at Alaskan airstrips, in cabins, and virtually every village.¹

98% of the Pilot Bread is sold in Alaska.  However, Drewbie found some in a local market in Northwest Washington State.  He decided to surprise Dad by bringing some home.

Back in the day, Uncle Marc and Dad had feasted on hardtack from K-rations whenever Grandpa came back from maneuvers.  Canned eggs and ham, hardtack, and waxy chocolate were among their favorite eats.

Dad and Drewbie each enjoyed one palm-sized Pilot Bread cracker as soon as Drewbie brought them home.  Dad reminisced about the good old days, and about opening dinner with a genuine p51 can opener, and drinking hot chocolate from a canteen cup.  However, after one cracker each, they both decided they had had enough.  They each grabbed a glass of water to wash down the rather dry delicacy.  The box  of Pilot Bread box sat on the counter for several days, undisturbed until…

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Third Time is a Charm

Another one buddy”, Dad asked ask he scooped up another pile for this morning’s walk. Dad knew something was amiss with Mongo. Mongo is typically a digestive machine. Two cups of kibble every morning and night yield one bag of dog poop every morning and night. But here was Dad in the cold light of a winter’s dawn making multiple scoops.

For some reason Mongo was off schedule. The evidence was that Dad was on his third baggie of the morning. His first thought when Mongo hunched up the second time was that Mongo had one more piece to poop out, a Clingon if you will. That has not been the case. Instead of one more little turd, Mongo had made an entire second load. And when he finished the second load, he had started a third.

Dad pondered the situation and asked aloud, “I wonder what he ate?”

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The Other White Meat

Mongo will eat almost anything. Things he will eat include tomatoes,  apples, pears, lettuce, socks, hats, and rocks. The last three have proved costly to remove.  During one vet trip for intestinal distress, the vet looked at the x-ray and said, “Well, there’s a few pebbles and some loose change in there, but that should all pass. ”  So it did not come as a surprise that Mongo liked cauliflower.  In fact, he’s not the only dog in the family to like cruciform vegetables.  Back in the day, one golden retriever, Hudson, waited until Dad had planted all the broccoli and cauliflower starts in the garden.  Then as soon as Dad went inside, Hudson pulled up all the starts and ran joyously around the backyard munching on them.  Dad caught a glimpse of Hudson reveling in broccoli through the window and sprinted out the back door to find more than half the plants gone.  A fence was eventually had to be installed around the garden to keep Hudson from pillaging the vegetables, when Dad became frustrated that all the almost-ready broccoli florets were disappearing!

However, none of the girl dogs in the family seemed to enjoy leafy greens.  One golden girl, Dixie, did enjoy sneaking strawberries from the planter next to the back door, but that was about it.

So while Dad was using cauliflower as a substitute for cream in an alfredo sauce, it came as no shock that Mongo enjoyed a few cauliflower twigs that Dad tossed to him.  The shock came when Mongo missed a piece of vegetable that Dad tossed at him, and it landed near Spork.  Spork is legendary in the family for being finicky.  She’s been know to turn her nose up at dog food if it has too much filler in it!

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