Aunt Michy Comes to Visit

Aunt Michy and Uncle Bill came to Seattle for Kimi’s graduation from the University of Oregon.  Mongo and Bill became fast friends right away.  Mongo even offered to share his toys with Uncle BIll.

Michy & Bill fell asleep downstairs in the TV room.  Uncle Bill curled up on the couch with Mongo, and Aunt Michy got a cushion on the floor.

When Dad left for work in the morning, the three best buds were alseep in a big dog-pile.

Later that day,Aunt Michy told Dad, that she had the weirdest dream the night before.  She dreamt that Mongo and she had played tug of war with her C-PAP machine.  “It was so real”, she insisted.  “It was like he kept pulling the mask from my face and then snapping it back at me.”

Later, Aunt Michy sent the following picture to Dad, with a text;  “It was NOT a dream!”

Poor Aunt Michy.  Her hose had so many holes in it that it  practically whistled Yankee Doodle. Mongo figured that really cool elephant nose on Aunt Michy must be a tug-toy!

Mongo not know big hose was not toy.  Mongo just pawn in game of life.



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