Find Kitty Challenge

Mongo’s Aunt Michy was so taken with the Find Mongo Challenge, she supplied a couple of photos of her pet for a Find Kitty Challenge.  So look at the picture below and see if you can find the kitty.

Find Kitty

Find Kitty

Also, If you need some help getting in the holiday mood, take a quick look at Aunt Michy’s Late Christmas Presents( CLICK HERE).  Or if you interested in knowing what it is like to sleep through a tug of way between a C-PAP  machine and a Labrador retriever, check out , Aunt Michy Comes to Visit (CLICK HERE).

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3 responses to “Find Kitty Challenge”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    Wow! That kitty sure blends in!
    Aunt Michy sounds like a hoot to hang with! I loved the CPap debacle. Phone is being glitchy and wouldn’t let me like 😔

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