Sandy Eggo

Dad had to go on a couple of trips without Mongo recently. Most recently, he traveled to San Diego to do some banking when the local institutions in Seattle were unable to process the necessary transaction. Poor Mongo had to stay in Seattle, but Mom-mom took good care of him at her house.

At the rental car counter, Dad picked out a nice 4 door sedan. As he stopped for lunch on the way to the bank, he noticed that the car was the latest edition of the venerable Dodge Charger. After lunch, Dad dug around in the console and found the jack to hook up his iPhone.


He started cruising down out of the canyon on the way to the bank. When he turned on the iPhone music app, Waylon Jennings was the first artist in the queue.


“Just some good ol’ boys..”

In his mind Dad remarked how nostalgic it was to be cruising in a Dodge Charger listing to an old recording from the Hoss.




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