A New Talent for Mongo’s Bag of Tricks


Kimi found more food from the pantry in her room.  After all the flour mess Mongo made, Kimi found he had also opened two jars of “Simmer Sauce”.  The question remained, how did he open the jars with no thumbs?


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3 responses to “A New Talent for Mongo’s Bag of Tricks”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    That’s amazing!
    My dog is working on opening doors. He can get the push ones, the pull ones still are baffling.

    • hdemare says :

      Mongo’s head is very plush on top, and that helps him to open “push” doors with his noggin. Typically, I leave the kitchen door closed just short of latched, and when he wants to come in, he thumps it open with that plushy cranium, and then waltzes on in. He has learned how hard to thump, because occasionally, doors are all the way closed. And a few solid thumps on latched doors have taught him just how hard to push. Fortunately, turning door knobs is still beyond him, but after seeing how he got those jars open, I don’t know for how long. (I’ve had cats that could turn door knobs and open closed doors, but if Mongo figures it out, it would be a first for our family.)

      • Midwestern Plant Girl says :

        Head bumps is how my Breck started opening doors. .. I never doubt the want my dogs have to get to something!

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