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What’s the Point?

Mongo is a pointing Labrador.  That means not only does he retrieve, but he will find birds and hold a point over then too.  But how many people had actually considered the impact on dogs when people point.  Mongo is pretty good at interpreting human finger pointing, which seems easy.  But according to the article below, the ability of dogs to interpret human finger pointing is a major accomplishment.


Kachess Ridge Trail

It was now noon.  Dad needed to figure out how to burn off some of the massive amounts of sugar Mongo had  recently consumed.  (Click HERE to read about Mongo and molasses.) Poor Dad had run errands for Mom-mom all morning as penance for leaving the molasses and corn syrup out where Mongo could find them.

Now he needed to get Mongo moving before all that sugar turned to pudge.  He studied his copy of “Best Hikes with Dogs”

“Kachess”, he said aloud to Mongo.  We’re going to hike the Kachess Ridge.  It was exceptionally warm for the first day of May, but that shouldn’t be problem thought Dad.  There was plenty of water along the route and he would carry some extra water and doggie nom-noms just in case.

The various guides Dad had consulted promised,

“The trail to Kachess Beacon is steep much of the way, but it is easy to get to, well-shaded, and less than three miles long.”

It seemed like a good choice.  It was a bit closer than Dad’s favorite hike to Snoquera.  And since it was already noon, they did not have a lot of time to spend in transit.  It had a 1500 ft climb, so they would get a good workout, and it looked like a fun hike… Read More…

Riddle for the Day

What go you get when you leave a Labrador retriever outside with the sprinkler on?  The answer is obvious to all lab people,… Read More…

Happy Independence Day 2016

Some dogs run and hide on the 4th of July, but not Mongo.  He heads outside, and keeps scanning to the sky looking for falling birds.

Not the Sharpest Tool…

Mongo is very bright when food is involved.  He can open jars.  He can snatch food off the table without moving the plate.  He can even push open stuck (but not closed) doors if it suits his purpose.  But one morning this week, Dad turned around to see Mongo stuck on a rope in the local park.  Mongo was quite at a loss as to how to get off the rope.  Dad shook his head.

“Buddy, I can’t see you lasting very long in the wild.”

Mongo Knows Fun

Mongo knows fun.  In fact, he is practically an expert in fun.  So when Dad had to go to Atlanta for a month, Mongo decided to make his own fun.  The first thing he decided to do was TP the house.  Mongo knows, there are few things as fun as stringing paper through Drewbie’s bedroom!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Easter Buddies, Mongo and Spork.

Easter Buddies

Easter Buddies