Black and White Bonanza

Mongo is a talented dog, and his problem solving abilities are quite impressive, at least when it comes to solving problems related to getting more food.  This morning, as Dad and Mr. M walked past a neighbor’s driveway, Mongo locked up in a point.

Normally, this posture is reserved for birds, squirrels, cats, etc.  However, when Dad looked to see what had caught Mongo’s attention, nothing jumped out at Dad, literally or figuratively.  Dad scanned the area for a moment.  Then he realized what had caught Mongo’s eye.

These neighbors were apparently on vacation away from home.  Three newspapers had piled up on their driveway.  Mongo had seen the papers and since he gets a treat for ever newspaper he brings back to the house, he determined that he had just found a jackpot!!!!

“C’mon Buddy.  Those are not yours”, said Dad as he dragged Mongo away from the treasure trove of news papers.   “You’ll have to settle for just your own  paper today.”  Mongo followed reluctantly.

(Click HERE to read more about Mongo’s reasoning powers with regards to treats.  Click HERE to see a video of Mongo retrieving the paper.)

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2 responses to “Black and White Bonanza”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    I bet he would be the best recycling guy on the block!
    Mongo is just like mine. .. cute and dumb when I want them to use their brains. But if they want something? Cute and smart!

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