Post-Bath Trauma

Mongo and Dad had just finished their respective  bath and shower.  It had been an exciting, and muddy day at the dog park (Click HERE to read about the Wild Weather at the dog park.) Mongo was exhausted.  Dad was trundling down the stairs to the washing machine with an arm load of wet towels, when he glimpsed something from the corner of his eye.  He stopped for a better look and then bellowed up to Mongo.

“I spent two hours washing  those walls!”

I just washed that wall!

Formerly-Clean Wall

The wall along the stairs, where only the day before, Dad had spent over two hours gently washing of dog marks, now had a giant muddy tail print.  Mongo remained unmoved by Dad’s lament.  Dad leaned over and cleaned the spot with the mass of the towels in his arms, and continued down to the washing machine, with a big sigh.  Mongo dreamt on, peacefully.


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3 responses to “Post-Bath Trauma”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    In times like this, when I get to enjoy all the extra love my boys bestow on me through muddy walls & floors, among other dog things. .. I do try to remember they are dogs and not children… which is sooooo much easier to deal with! !

  2. easyweimaraner says :

    I sometimes think there must be a little devil on their shoulder what let them do this… Easy decorated our fresh painted wall with two pawprints too… he never jumped on the wall before we painted it…. a miracle :o)

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