An Apple a Day…

Mongo has had his issues with apples.  Last fall he learned that it is not always safe to pick apples up from the ground, since one can never be sure if a mean-spirited critter, like a yellow jacket, has taken up residence in the apple, and might object to becoming part of Mongo’s snack.  But in the interest of continuing education…

 (Click HERE to read about Mongo and the Yellow Jacket.)

This year he has learned a new trick.  He has figured out that if you can find an apple tree close enough to the ground, you don’t have to wait for the apples to fall, you can just pick them straight off the tree.  With his newly developed talent, he no longer has to wait for his bi-pedal Dad to pick apples for him; he can now enjoy an apple any time Dad takes him to the park to play!  And in Mongo’s world, an apple a day makes each day THE BEST DAY EVER!

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2 responses to “An Apple a Day…”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    ha! an apple per day keeps that vet away… I don’t do veggies and fruits but I play with apples :o)

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    Too cute!
    I don’t understand how I miss your posts in my reader 😣
    Maybe you are posting “in the past”? Meaning hitting publish without updating the date to the current day? Just curious. I love your posts and can’t figure out how I miss them. Ha ha! Can’t be my fault 😉😉😉

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