omnivore: noun; an animal or person that eats a variety of food of both plant and animal origin.  See Mongo.

Dad decided to make  Cooking with a Wallflower’s recipe for roasted Summer Vegetable Spring Roll Bowls

It seemed fairly simple.  Dad decided to add some kale to the greens.  It was delicious.

However, in the days before Mongo, there would have been a lot of vegetable scraps to put in the compost.  But Mongo loves vegetables.  So not much goes into the compost hopper as long as it is dog-safe.  So what kinds of things does Mongo eat?

He eats all the things most dogs would eat if they could get their paws on it, like bagels, prosciutto, cheese, molasses, New York strip steak, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, cheese burgers, cheesy popcorn salt, Sailor Boy pilot bread, beer can chicken, yogurt, baguettes, and gelato.

But he also eats a lot of things that none of Dad’s other dogs have found the least bit appetizing.  For example in  his own dinner, Mongo typically gets a cup of green beans to help maintain his weight. And he loves green beans.  So on this night he ate:
Green Beans
Asparagus butts
Kale bones (i.e. kale leaf veins.  He loves the veins but not the leaves, and will pull the leaves off the veins with his feet before eating the veins.  It is a perfect symbiotic relationship, because Dad is not fond of the veins)

Among his other favorites are:
Cauliflower (The other white meat)
Lettuce Stems
Black berries (He is very careful with these.)

And of course then there are all the non-edible things he eats:
Loose change
Candy wrappers
Santa Hat
Tire weight (Dad got that away from him before he swallowed it.)
Toilet Paper
Paper towel rolls, just to name a few.

Several of these items have been surgically removed from Mongo.  The others just pass through.  Mongo takes the definition of omnivore to new heights.

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3 responses to “Omnivore”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    Thank goodness my boys follow a different pyramid! They do like people food, but only the ones that are ok (IMO)… meat, cheese, egg…. If a potato chip, veggie or fruit falls on the floor… it is not eaten.
    Mongo sure beats his drum to a different beat!!

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