Cardboard Dilemma

Mongo has spent a month at Mom-mom’s house.  He has not stopped his eternal quest for food at all in this time.  Mom-mom bought pizza for her and brother Drewbie, but they did not take the empty pizza box straight out to the compost bin.  This was a bad plan.

It is easy to understand how they could be indecisive at the critical moment.  In Seattle, there are three bins to put items suitable for disposal,

  1. Trash (non-recyclable, non-compostable)
  2. Recycling (cardboard, glass, plastic, newspapers – slobbery or otherwise)
  3. Compostables (Food scraps, gardening trimmings, but no dog poop).

However, GREASY cardboard does not go in recycling.  So where does it go?  It could go into Trash or Compostables, but the direction is not clear.   Normally, cardboard doesn’t go into compost, and the Seattle Trash bins are so small, it is difficult  squeeze a pizza box into it.  So it is easy to see how our intrepid dog sitters dithered on this decision.

Leave it to Mongo to come up with a solution.  By eating every last bit of grease soaked cellulose and cheese covered cardboard from the subject pizza box overnight,  the box could simply be put directly into Recycling the next morning!

Bravo, Buddy!

Not a trace of Grease or Cheese Left...

Not a trace of Grease or Cheese Left…

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3 responses to “Cardboard Dilemma”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    well done Mongo!!! that’s a brilliant plan and I will help to recycle that way now too :o) I started with an egg box yesterday…:o)

  2. Wedgwood in Seattle History says :

    Um… I am always amazed by Mongo’s solutions to various disposal problems.

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