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Key West -Day 1

Dad spent most of February in Atlanta this year.  Mongo does not get to go to places like Atlanta with Dad.  In fact fewer and fewer airlines are even accepting big dogs for carriage.   So Dad goes on these trips solo.

At the beginning of the month, a snow storm was forecast for the weekend.  Dad saw no good reason to stay in Atlanta if it was going to snow, especially, since he could get to the Florida Keys very easily.  So he made the easy decision to take a quick hop to Key West.

On Friday, Dad jumped a flight heading south.  The flight into Key West was almost empty.  The lack of passengers on a Friday evening struck him as odd.  He know there had to be a reason.

The plane arrived in Key West just after sun down.  The few  passengers walked out in the open towards the terminal.

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Heidi is Looking for More Adventure. Next stop Lima, Peru?

Heidi has just finished a trip up to the very tony town of Palm Beach, Florida.  Palm Beach has some of the most expensive shopping available in the U.S., and some of the most expensive real estate.  One property on South Ocean Blvd has an asking price of $74M and boasts a master bedroom of over 4000 sq. ft.   Even Heidi is not immune to the hype surrounding Palm Beach.

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Hurricane Heidi Enters Florida

Following a major overhaul in for Hudo in North Carolina, Heidi and Hudo are continuing their journey around the world.  They are now in Northern Florida.  On the east Coast, Heidi has visited Daytona and the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral (Home of the Real Dr. Phil – Click HERE to read about Dr. Phil Scarpa’s exciting work at KSC).  On the West Coast Heidi has landed in  Naples, and Clearwater.  Hudo seems to be purring like a kitten again, as does Heidi.

And some additional good news; Heidi’s new Spot tracker has arrived in the mail, so the staff at Mongolope.com will be able to see Heidi’s locations from the Spot Map, instead of trying to translate German Instagram.

Source: Currently driving around the world in a 1930 Hudson