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Pommes Sauvages – Redoux

Mongo had finished all the apples again.  Dad and he were finishing a walk back from the school, when Dad led him over to the apple tree again.  Mongo just stared at Dad reluctantly as Dad leapt over the bar ditch once again.

“It’s OK buddy.  It’s pitch black and rainy.  There won’t be any yellow jackets around tonight.”  Hubris hung heavy in the air.

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Pommes Sauvages – Continued

Mongo learns quickly, maybe quicker than Dad.  They was almost out of apples at the house.  As Dad, Spork, and Mongo exited the school yard, they crossed the road to the wild apple tree.  Dad dropped the leashes and leapt over the bar ditch to the base of the tree.  He turned around to look behind him.

Mongo stood on the other side of the road, giving Dad a dubious look that said, “No way, Jose!”

“Not taking any chances with yellow jackets, eh buddy?” Dad began to gather apples.  Read More…

Pommes Sauvages

Mongo loves apples.  When he and Dad go on walks, Mongo will scoop the ground apples up from under the neighborhood trees and bring them home for snacks.  Dad will typically grab a couple of apples off the overhanging branches as they walk by, and put them away for Mongo treats.

Today, Dad and Mongo learned the downside of feral apple gathering.  Mongo and Dad stopped under a tree to pick up some treats, but they were not the only ones to have that idea.

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