Mongo and Kimi Go To The Park

Kimi took Mongo to the park over the weekend. She did not take him to the big park in the mountains or the big park by the water. She took him to the little park in the woods. Mongo loves going to the woods. There are lots of sticks in the woods.

Kimi and Mongo walked down the narrow path into the rainforest. On either side of them were fern beds and towering evergreens of the old growth forest. Sunlight barely filtered to the path.

The leaves of the ferns were wet. The evergreens dripped water in big fat drops all around them. Mongo found a stick. It was a wonderful stick. It was a very heavy, mostly because it was waterlogged. He ran up to Kimi to show her the magnificent stick.

As he raced past her, he whacked Kimi’s ankle with the heavy stick. Kimi hollered. Mongo turned to see what was the matter. As he turned, he tripped Kimi with the other end of the stick. Kimi howled as she hit the ground. Mongo was worried for his hiking buddy. He turned again to see what was wrong with Kimi.

As he turned he beaned her in the head with the big wet stick. This time Mongo got yelled at. He was very sorry, and he did not feel happy at all on the way back to the Jeep. When he got home. He was so sorry, he carried Kimi’s shoes around for her. (He left them outside which did not make Kimi any happier.) It was just not Mongo’s day to make Kimi happy.


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3 responses to “Mongo and Kimi Go To The Park”

  1. Wedgwood in Seattle History says :

    But Mom, I love sticks! I can’t help it!

  2. luminouszest says :

    awww cute dog

  3. caboscloud says :

    Reminds me of my boy, Cabo, so much.

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