Third Time is a Charm

Another one buddy”, Dad asked ask he scooped up another pile for this morning’s walk. Dad knew something was amiss with Mongo. Mongo is typically a digestive machine. Two cups of kibble every morning and night yield one bag of dog poop every morning and night. But here was Dad in the cold light of a winter’s dawn making multiple scoops.

For some reason Mongo was off schedule. The evidence was that Dad was on his third baggie of the morning. His first thought when Mongo hunched up the second time was that Mongo had one more piece to poop out, a Clingon if you will. That has not been the case. Instead of one more little turd, Mongo had made an entire second load. And when he finished the second load, he had started a third.

Dad pondered the situation and asked aloud, “I wonder what he ate?”

Mongo just looked at Dad and ran off happily with a stick in his mouth, glad to be rid of his load.

They completed their circuit of the field, and then Dad leashed up Mr. M for the walk home. Dad set a mental note to check for missing foodstuffs both in the kitchen and down in the pantry.

As then came through the back door into the kitchen, Dad scanned the floor for anything out of place. As soon as he looked down, he saw what he was looking for, and empty paper bag on the floor.Β  It was a bag from the bakery that had contained a dozen bagels the night before.

Dad had carelessly left it on the kitchen table. Now it was empty save for the loose poppy seeds rattling at the bottom.

“Wow, a dozen bagels. Well that explains the three poops”, Dad said to Mongo as Dad leaned over the food bin to scoop some kibble into Mongo’s bowl. “I think one cup should do it for you for a couple of meals, Bud. In the mean time you still have a lot of bagel to process.”

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7 responses to “Third Time is a Charm”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    Wow. A whole dozen? !? I applaud you Mongo 😊

  2. easyweimaraner says :

    wow Mr. M you hit the jackpot! a dozen bagels, what a treasure you found! I found only a salad and carrots last night… we need a new kitchen I think :o)

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