More Bagels for Mongo

Early in the morning, Dad had purchased two bagels.  Dad had eaten his, but he left Drewbie’s bagel on the kitchen table, waiting for him to wake up.  Will Dad ever learn about leaving bagels out?

Now Dad was running late for the dentist.  Meggie was visiting, which though she is nominally well behaved, she is much more active than Mongo.  Mongo is content to much a dog biscuit while Dad opens the gate and pulls the truck out to the alley.  Meggie has to come outside and help Dad move the truck.  And if Meggie goes outside, Mongo does too.  And two dogs helping Dad move the truck into the alley is two dogs too much.

So Dad closed the main door to the kitchen as he left the house.  This also closes the dog door.  Now dad could get the truck out of the back yard without the dogs helping (or just bolting).

Once Dad got the truck into the alley, and closed the gate, he bounded up the back stairs into the house.  As he opened up the main door so as to allow the dogs access to the doggie door while he was out, he came face to face with Mr. Mongo, who was looking very sheepish.

As Dad stopped to see why Mongo was acting like the cat caught eating the canary, he noticed that Mongo was about to eat something.  Dad had caught him in the act; practially red-handed, if Mongo had hands.

Dad reached down and said in a very serious tone, “Give me the bagel.”  Even with Dad standing in front of him with one hand on the plastic wrapped bagel, Mongo didn’t want to let go.  Mongo LOVES bagels.  (Click HERE to read about how much Mongo loves bagels.)

“Give”, exclaimed Dad a little more stridently. Mongo lowered his head in shame, and slowly released the bagel.  There was not even a hole in the plastic bag.  Dad looked at him askance.  Mongo was devastated.

Dad tossed the bagel on the stove well out of reach of Mongo, and then reminded the little Artful Dodger that stealing was bad.  Dad was not sure which made Mongo feel worse, getting caught doing a bad thing, or losing the bagel.  Come to think of it, it was probably losing the bagel.

Dirty Mongo

Naughty Mongo

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3 responses to “More Bagels for Mongo”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    Mongo! You may be just as crazy as Dad is eating poppy seed bagels b4 a dentist visit 😉

  2. Wedgwood in Seattle History says :

    What a sad story. Why can’t Mongo have at least one teeny bagel if Dad and Drewbie both get one? Huh? I hope Santa brings Mongo a bagel, and lumps of coal for Dad!

  3. easyweimaraner says :

    hahaha bagels are a magic thing, all dogs love them. maybe next time you can use the magic spell? it’s giveittothedaddygiveittothedaddy LOL

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