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Sailor Boy – Pilot Bread

This modern day version of hardtack, albeit with some leavening and shortening, is produced today by Interbake Foods of Richmond, Virginia.    Alaskan law requires all light aircraft to carry “survival gear”, including food. So, the blue-and-white Sailor Boy Pilot Bread boxes are ubiquitous at Alaskan airstrips, in cabins, and virtually every village.¹

98% of the Pilot Bread is sold in Alaska.  However, Drewbie found some in a local market in Northwest Washington State.  He decided to surprise Dad by bringing some home.

Back in the day, Uncle Marc and Dad had feasted on hardtack from K-rations whenever Grandpa came back from maneuvers.  Canned eggs and ham, hardtack, and waxy chocolate were among their favorite eats.

Dad and Drewbie each enjoyed one palm-sized Pilot Bread cracker as soon as Drewbie brought them home.  Dad reminisced about the good old days, and about opening dinner with a genuine p51 can opener, and drinking hot chocolate from a canteen cup.  However, after one cracker each, they both decided they had had enough.  They each grabbed a glass of water to wash down the rather dry delicacy.  The box  of Pilot Bread box sat on the counter for several days, undisturbed until…

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Third Time is a Charm

Another one buddy”, Dad asked ask he scooped up another pile for this morning’s walk. Dad knew something was amiss with Mongo. Mongo is typically a digestive machine. Two cups of kibble every morning and night yield one bag of dog poop every morning and night. But here was Dad in the cold light of a winter’s dawn making multiple scoops.

For some reason Mongo was off schedule. The evidence was that Dad was on his third baggie of the morning. His first thought when Mongo hunched up the second time was that Mongo had one more piece to poop out, a Clingon if you will. That has not been the case. Instead of one more little turd, Mongo had made an entire second load. And when he finished the second load, he had started a third.

Dad pondered the situation and asked aloud, “I wonder what he ate?”

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Who’s Been Sitting in the Dishwasher?

“Drewbie!”  Dad’s voice echoed through the house.  “Drewbie!”

The response floated up the stairs to the kitchen in an exasperated tone.  “What?”

Dad called back down the stairs, “The dishwasher door is broken.  It looks like someone sat on it.”

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Twice the News!

Mongo is a very clever boy.  Just look at the number of ways he finds to counter-surf, or the number of non-foodstuffs he consumes in an effort to “eat more”.  Eating is an obsession with Mongo.  Kimi says his family motto should be “Omnia Nomnia  Bene Est”, or “It’s all good!”.

But Mongo does not limit himself to raiding the counters and eating non-foodstuffs which might smell slightly food-like.  He also uses a certain logic to acquire more treats.

He knows Dad loves the morning paper.  In fact, Dad is so enamoured of these newspapers that Dad trades Mongo a dog biscuit every time Mongo brings Dad one.  It really makes Mongo question Dad’s value system. (Click HERE to see video of Mongo fetching paper.)

Some times Dad is distracted and forgets to put away the paper, and Mongo can re-deliver the same paper twice.  Dad always falls for this trick and gives Mongo another biscuit for the same paper!  Clearly in Mongo’s mind, Dad is not the brightest bulb in the shed.

Today, after morning walk, breakfast, paper-fetching, and morning apple, Dad went into the bedroom for a couple of minutes to put on work clothes.  As Dad was putting on a nice shirt, he never dreamed that he would re-emerge right into the middle of a Mongo Mystery.

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Mr. Post Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Mr. Post Thanksgiving Dinner

Mr. Post Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day Menu at Mongo’s House

Here’s the menu for Thanksgiving dinner in Mongo’s house this year.  Most of it is not “Mongo Friendly” for one or more reasons, so he did not get to partake in most of it, except for some turkey.  (and a little bacon, and maybe just a bit of cheese, and perhaps just a smidgen of pie crust, and of course just a dab of whipped cream.)

Crackers & soft cheese/ proscuitto & rosemary grissini/ nuts
served with prosecco

Bacon-wrapped/cheese-stuffed dates
served with prosecco

Wild mushroom mini-tarts (Fall is chanterelle season in Washington)
served with sauvignon blanc

Wild mushroom & barley soup (more chanterelles)
served with sauvignon blanc

Turkey and the fixins
served with chardonnay

Mixed greens

Dolce et Cafe
Pumpkin pie or tiramisu

Mongo did get a plate of whipped cream for dessert.  He loves to hear the sound of the can.  It brings him running faster than any dog whistle.