Mr. Mongo in the Living Room with a Milk Bones Box

The family arrived home to  find Mr. Mongo slinking around the house like he had done something terrible.  Just like in the “Case of the Missing Cohibas”, the family once again had to use their sleuthing skills to deduce the nature of his crime.

The first clue was Mr. M’s behavior; he was clearly feeling bad about some malfeasance he had recently perpetrated.  The second clue was the empty water bowl, suggesting he had eaten so much, he needed serious  rehydration.  The third clue was the shredded cardboard in the living room.  The last clue was the missing unopened box of dog treats from the kitchen counter.  Just like a game of “Clue”, the guilty party eventually became apparent.  It was clearly Mr. Mongo in the living room with a box of Milk Bones.

Mongo Tries to Eat the Evidence.

Mongo Tries to Eat the Evidence.

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  1. caboscloud says :

    He’s beautiful. Would love to have him as a Cabo’s Cloud blog buddy if you have any interest. Just check out the blog buddies tab on my blog at – all about my beloved lab Cabo 😀 – Sean

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