Mongo’s Nachos

There is no doubt in the family that Mongo’s driving force in life is food. However, they all agreed that life would be much simpler if Mongo constrained himself to eating edibles.

Today, when Drew and Dad came home from their Seattle pizza adventure, they found a big pile of trash in the driveway. On closer examination, the trash turned out to be chewed up chemical hand-warmers and empty throat lozenge packaging.

Not food.

Not food.

“Mongo! What were you thinking?”, Drew exclaimed. “That stuff is not even food!”

Dad looked at Drew and said, “I guess lozenges and hot hands are his version of nachos and chilis.”  Drew rolled his eyes at the situation.

“Buddy, what could possibly make your nose think that was food?”, Drew asked plaintively.

Mongo been bad!

Mongo been bad!

Mongo looked very apologetic as he commando crawled around the backyard. Then Dad and Drew went inside to look up toxicity information on the internet. Dad might use the dog health insurance sooner than the originally thought he would.

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4 responses to “Mongo’s Nachos”

  1. Wedgwood in Seattle History says :

    Is Mongo “grounded?” He did not get to go with Dad the next day on the very fun First Avenue walk in downtown Seattle! Does Mongo like the Market? Do they have dog treats there? Does Mongo have his own food or does he only eat things he is not supposed to eat? Inquiring minds want to know…….

    • hdemare says :

      Good questions. First: No, Mr. M does not get grounded when his nose makes him eat things. This is because the family realizes that if we leave anything out, he just may be compelled by his nose to eat it. It’s like having a very nimble toddler in the house, because everything is in play. Second question: Logistics kept him from going with Dad to downtown, not being grounded. Third question: Yes, Mongo LOVES the market. He is an extrovert, and there are so many people to meet! Fourth question: Yes there are all kinds of treats at the market and many are just lying on the ground to eat. It is a spectacular show when Mongo goes to the market. He cuts a wide swath through the crowd. Mongo is a very happy dog, and I have never-ever seen him be aggressive, but he is huge, and can be intimidating. It is fascinating to watch the adults in a crowd back away as he comes through, while the children run up and hug him. And finally, yes, surprisingly, we do feed Mongo regularly; typically two cups of premium kibble twice a day. He also gets biscuits for getting the paper in the morning, and bringing in the mail in the evening. He supplements this with a lot of grass, and anything else that strikes his fancy. For example, Mongo’s Mother’s Day gift to Mom-mom was a box of Godiva chocolates. On Sunday morning, after coffee and gift giving, we rushed out of the house for a Mother’s Day brunch at Teatro Zinzanni. I forgot to put the chocolates up on top of the fridge. Fortunately, Mongo is extremely tolerant of chocolate (as we learned the time he ate 24 Hershey’s bars) because he tore open the box and ate 12 truffles, some of the plastic tray, and most of the top of the box. He suffered some intestinal distress, which we had to clean up. Again, that incident was Mongo’s people’s fault, not his. He can’t help himself in these things. His nose makes him do it.
      Thanks for the comment!

      • Wedgwood in Seattle History says :

        Oh, oh, oh. Mongo’s adventures and mishaps! I hope you can write a post about Mongo Goes to the Market, that would be hilarious, but hopefully not fatal if he picked up something weird off of the ground.

      • hdemare says :

        He’ll be headed to the market with me before too long, and we’ll get the story into the blog. By the way, the strangest thing I ever had to pull out of his mouth was a lead automobile tire weight. I have no idea why he wanted to eat that.

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