Pommes Sauvages – Continued

Mongo learns quickly, maybe quicker than Dad.  They was almost out of apples at the house.  As Dad, Spork, and Mongo exited the school yard, they crossed the road to the wild apple tree.  Dad dropped the leashes and leapt over the bar ditch to the base of the tree.  He turned around to look behind him.

Mongo stood on the other side of the road, giving Dad a dubious look that said, “No way, Jose!”

“Not taking any chances with yellow jackets, eh buddy?” Dad began to gather apples.  As he filled is pockets, he heard a familiar buzzing.  “Whoops”, he exclaimed.  “I know that sound!”  Dad immediately leapt from under the tree to the road, and grabbed the leashes  in order to immediately evacuate the vicinity of the aggravated yellow jackets.

“C’mon buddies.  Let’s beat feet”, he said to the dogs.  He turned to Mongo.  “I guess you’re a little smarter than Dad when it comes to apples.”  They quickly made their way back to the house, as Dad and Mongo kept glancing nervously behind them.

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2 responses to “Pommes Sauvages – Continued”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    I’m glad the cold has taken out the yellow jackets here now. Breck took a hit on his paw. He’s been staying clear of the trees since then.

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