As the days get shorter, many animals start their preparations for winter.  The creatures need to lay in supplies, or store up body fat for hibernation.  Dad’s excuse for his belly is the latter.

This morning, Mongo found another apple on his morning walk, and was noshing away when he should have been fetching the paper.  As Dad came back down the stairs from the mailbox, a sudden movement caught his eye.  He turned his head to see what it was.

“Well, hello there little bandit.  What are you doing on the ground, in my yard, with a big white dog only 20 feet away?”

At the sound of Dad’s voice, the raccoon climbed back down the tree and stood at its base, looking at Dad.



“It appears someone has been feeding you.  Because otherwise you should terrified out of your mind, and skedaddled long ago.  Well, there’s no food for you today.  And you better get moving, because if the big white dog figures out you’re here, we’re all going to be sad.”

With that Dad continued down the steps, and carefully opened the front door and ushered Mongo before he saw the Night SKVRL.

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4 responses to “Night SKVRL”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    my dad said the same…and probably that feature all dad’s have was the reason to invent oversized sweaters LOL

  2. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says :

    Choppy: still losing the battle against the night squirrels, just as she has lost all her battles against the day verion. The only thing she manages to ‘catch’ are possums. And they all mysteriously disappear shortly after she ‘catches’ them and they are ‘dead.’

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