Twice the News!

Mongo is a very clever boy.  Just look at the number of ways he finds to counter-surf, or the number of non-foodstuffs he consumes in an effort to “eat more”.  Eating is an obsession with Mongo.  Kimi says his family motto should be “Omnia Nomnia  Bene Est”, or “It’s all good!”.

But Mongo does not limit himself to raiding the counters and eating non-foodstuffs which might smell slightly food-like.  He also uses a certain logic to acquire more treats.

He knows Dad loves the morning paper.  In fact, Dad is so enamoured of these newspapers that Dad trades Mongo a dog biscuit every time Mongo brings Dad one.  It really makes Mongo question Dad’s value system. (Click HERE to see video of Mongo fetching paper.)

Some times Dad is distracted and forgets to put away the paper, and Mongo can re-deliver the same paper twice.  Dad always falls for this trick and gives Mongo another biscuit for the same paper!  Clearly in Mongo’s mind, Dad is not the brightest bulb in the shed.

Today, after morning walk, breakfast, paper-fetching, and morning apple, Dad went into the bedroom for a couple of minutes to put on work clothes.  As Dad was putting on a nice shirt, he never dreamed that he would re-emerge right into the middle of a Mongo Mystery.

When Dad emerged, Mongo was holding a paper.  Dad wracked his brain, “I thought I already opened the paper….  Did I leave one around the house unopened?”  Occaisonally Dad does not get time to look through the paper in the morning, and there papers usually stay wrapped.

He took the paper from Mongo, and tossed him a biscuit.  The paper was cold.  That suggested it had come from outside, recently.  Dad pondered the clues further.  “Was this a paper he missed this week, or did Mongo just bring it in?”  Dad needed more clues.  He opened the paper.

It was today’s.  He looked over at the kitchen table.  There was another copy right there.  Dad went to the back window and looked out.  Sure enough, he had not completely closed the back gate.  Slowly the scenario came together in his mind.

As soon as Dad had entered the bedroom, Mongo had sneaked out the dog door, and then squeezed through the back gate.  He then cased the neighborhood looking for any target of opportunity. He quickly came upon another newpaper which was a true bonanza.  He grabbed the paper and high-tailed it back into the house, just in time for Dad to exit the bedroom and see Mongo holding another paper.  Voila, ystery solved.

Incidentally, Dad wishes to apologize to the people who are not getting their paper this morning, to the newspaper company who will now have to replace it, and to the paper carrier, who will be sure they delivered to the that house, but will have to drop off another one later today.


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4 responses to “Twice the News!”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    that’s clever… Mongo gets a treat and his dad can read it twice to make sure he that he really read every word :o) or maybe Mongo found found a small ad in the news, his dad should read?

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    Ha ha! What a clever boy!

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