Who’s Been Sitting in the Dishwasher?

“Drewbie!”  Dad’s voice echoed through the house.  “Drewbie!”

The response floated up the stairs to the kitchen in an exasperated tone.  “What?”

Dad called back down the stairs, “The dishwasher door is broken.  It looks like someone sat on it.”

“What do you mean sat on it?”  Drewbie paused for a moment and then continued, ” Have you asked Mongo about it?”

“Oh sure.  Just blame the dog.  Like he would sit on an open dishwasher door, and try to glean crumbs off the plates.  Poor guy can’t even speak up to defend his honor.”

Drewbie walked up the stairs, looked at Dad and sighed.  Then he rubbed Mongo’s head.

Dad had an impish smile on his face.  “Just don’t let me catch you sitting on the door again.  And if you wouldn’t mind, let’s try to shut the dishwasher door after putting anything in there, so Mongo doesn’t learn any more bad habits from you.”

Drewbie rolled his eyes at Dad and smiled, before  examining the broken hinge on the door.  Then he stage whispered to Mongo, “No more sitting in the dishwasher buddy, or you’ll get us both in trouble.” Drewbie smiled and headed back down to his man-cave.

Dad chuckled, and then turned to his computer and began looking up appliance repair men.

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2 responses to “Who’s Been Sitting in the Dishwasher?”

  1. easyweimaraner says :

    they should make better hinges for that dishwasher doors….I only stand on that door and it broke… ooops did I say that loud? hope my mom will not read my comment LOL

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